Halo 4 Load Outs

If you want all the Halo news in timely fashion, you should definitely follow The Little English Halo Blog. Flawless Cowboy always has the latest info, and makes it easy to get your head around all the new shiny in Halo 4.

This post is no exception. I won’t go into details, if you want those click the link. There are two additional armour mods that weren’t available at PAX – Wetwork stealth mod and the Nemesis armour mod. I am so excited about this game. The level of customization is crazy awesome.

Obviously there are some mods that are really only useful in multiplayer, namely Nemesis which allows you to briefly see the last person who killed you. This would be wasted in Spartan Ops, if it is even an option for the load outs in that mode. I’m curious to see which Tactical Packages and Support Upgrades will be available in which game mode.

My favorites so far are Shielding, Stability and  Explosives. What I chose for Spartan Ops will depend on whether or not we can recover grenades without the Resupply mod. As for AA’s, in multiplayer I’ll probably use Thruster Pack, Regeneration Field, or the Hard Light Shield, but I’ll try them all out. It will be quite the change not just having sprint, sprint, sprint. Auto Sentry might be useful in Spartan Ops, along with Camo and Regen. There are so many team possibilities, it’s crazy.

I want to go to PAX


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