Halo 4 news from PAX – Flagsassination!!

Lots of news today so let’s jump right in!

I saw this a few days ago and haven’t done a post on it yet, but I am now so it still counts. The Halo Bulletin this week brought us the complete controller schemes for Halo 4, and there is a new scheme called “Fishstick”. I use Bumper Jumper, so really I just scanned over the rest to get to that one, but it looks like the core features of each setup have been brought back, and room has been made for the sprint function

Also in the bulletin was the “Limited Edition Halo Exclusive Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment”. We’ll

call it The Vanguard for short. This is one cool piece of equipment, featuring a built in 19″ LCD display. Awesome for those on the go for long periods of time. I would love one for in the truck, but I’d never get any work done!

So enough with the old news, and on to the new.

There is a new Forward Unto Dawn trailer out called “Cryo“. This is my least favorite of the trailers, but I think it’s probably just a taste thing. I dislike creepy stuff, and she be creepy. Still love the real personal direction they are going though.

343 also released game play footage from their new map called “Exile” you can check out that trailer and ducain23’s thoughts on it here. Flagsassination!! Can’t wait 😀


In this build, there are 3 major changes to CTF: You can no longer drop the flag once you have picked it up; You now have a pistol while carrying the flag; Your movement speed is normal while carrying the flag. Personally, I don’t mind the changes. I think they will encourage teamwork a lot more, and that’s never a bad thing. Maybe you play a lot of CTF and hate the changes? Leave a comment and let me know why.


Finally Jet Pack is confirmed in multiplayer, though it seems to be toned down some from the Reach version. Active Camo is also confirmed, but no details on that yet.

That’s all I got for now! I’ll be doing more work on the site and stuff next week, I’ll probably create a page just for Spartan Ops. I bet they’ll be more news tomorrow though so stay in touch!



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