New Halo 4 Vidoc: A Hero Awakens SPOILERS

For those wanting to stay totally dark on Campaign stuff DO NOT watch, or read the rest of this post.

Here is the Vidoc.

Awesome. Totally blew me away. I love the focus on John as a character rather than just an avatar for the player to inhabit. The story really seems like it’s going to be powerful. I…..I just…got something in my eye….

Random thoughts as I watch:

-I love that they are using motion capture, it makes everything feel so real

-Steve Downs will forever be the Master Chief.

– I love John’s reaction when Cortana tells him she is past her “best before date”. First off, it’s the first time the Chief ever mentions Halley in game and I bout lost it. Second, that’s vintage Chief, problem-solution-action.

-Cortana apologizes for her earlier outburst. A rampant AI and a hallucinating, aging Spartan are going to be big plot lines me thinks…

-I love the way John moves. The mocap actor Bruce Thomas does a fantastic job.
– Where Steve? Where is that relationship going?! – “Don’t make a girl a promise you know you can’t keep” He kept it the last time….

See you online


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