Halo 4 CTF full game play on Exile in HD

Here is the video from Louis Wu over at HBO.

The player is David Ellis, the lead Spartan Ops designer.

Is the combat really that fast?? It seemed sped up to me, or maybe it was just because everyone was sprinting everywhere.

Some people are finding it annoying, but I hope having Jeff Steitzer (the announcer) telling people what to do in a match will subconsciously point them in the right direction. Hoping.

Some of the vehicle sounds are quite different, especially the Ghost, both moving and firing. Turrets are also sounding different. Change is scary, until you realize how AWESOME IT IS.

Caught a glimpse of FOTUS armour. Yeah, it looks pretty ridiculous in game. However Mark VI is confirmed in MM, and the Recruit set looks pretty normal.

I’m excited to try out all the precision weapons and see which one is going to be my go to gun. Who am I kidding, I’m excited to try EVERYTHING.

Have fun!


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