Spartan Ops Menu Screencaps *SPOILERS*

Thanks for this nice collage of the Spartan Ops screens goes out to HaloFanForLife. There is a lot to digest in this picture. I was just going to post it for a nice look at the menus, when I started reading (or trying to) what they actually said. If you want to stay totally dark on story titles, descriptions etc, DO NOT READ!!! You have been warned.

1.This screen has a Chapter description in it. Here is what I make out

Chapter 4


Chapter Summary

That weird structure Science is so interested in? I’m sending our rising stars, Fireteam Crimson [?] [?] first boots on the ground. I’ll be overseeing this mission directly


Explore the mysterious facility

It looks like we are getting the description from the viewpoint of the commanding officer, very cool.

2. This looks like the screen where we will choose an Episode to play, and has the first episodes description

Week 1

Episode 1


Episode Description

UNSC Infinity prepares for action on the mysterious forerunner- [facility? re:Chapter 4 description]

3.A shot of Thomas Lasky

4.The full chapter menu for Episode 1: Infinity

Chapter 1 Land grab

Chapter 2 Sniper Alley

Chapter 3 The Challenge

Chapter 4 Sacred [Description above]

Chapter 5 Core [Demo videos here]

5. Another Lasky shot with a menu overlay


6. Episode 2 description- Episode one *SPOILERS*  

Week 2
Episode 2
Episode description
The [? Captain of Infinity?] must deal with the effects of an artifact recovered from the surface of Requiem.”


Wow, I thought this would just be a quick post to show a cool picture. An hour later….



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