Unlocking and ranking up in Halo 4

What’s up guys, I just wanted to pass along something I saw in the latest gameplay video posted by BravoMLG, and recorded by Minolta1034.

At the end of the match, Hysteria’s Spartan ranks up to SR14, after gaining 595 xp for a great match. Sorry for the quality of the screen shot, my screen cap isn’t working on my lap top, and since I wanted to let you know about this right away, I took the pic with my phone.

The next screen shows what is unlocked at SR14. Looks like we get one Spartan Point, AA efficiency (tactical package), and Resupply (support package). I’m not sure what we’ll get at each rank of course, but it is nice to see that we’ll get stuff fast. If all your games are like Hysteria’s (mine won’t be), you might reach level 14 in ten games or so. Obviously it will depend a lot on the playlist, the quality of your play however and how much xp each rank requires. but I think it’s safe to say that we will start unlocking stuff fairly quickly.

Have an awesome day!



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