Halo 4 Carbine and Auto-sentry on Exile

Hey guys, here is another gameplay video from BravoMLG, Hysteria playing CTF on Exile from PAX. I wanted to talk about a couple things in this video that I haven’t seen yet.

I got my first look at the carbine here, and I have to say, I like what I see. I missed theCarbine in Reach, and reluctantly used the Needle Rifle as a replacement. Sure, the NR gives you the chance for a supercombine, but the Carbine just seems much more accurate and powerful, seems being the key word. It is possible that it’s just a perception thing. How about that Zoom? Green and slightly oval, it looks like what’s actually on the gun now. Was it that way in Halo 3? I don’t remember if it was. The Carbine definitely won’t be my go-to weapon, but it makes a nice pick up when you run out of BR/DMR ammo. Having said that, maybe the light rifle will be  a better choice? That’s another post however…So which do you guys prefer? Needle Rifle or Carbine? Leave a comment and let me know.

Hysteria chooses the Auto Sentry AA in this gameplay, and uses it two or three times. The animation they have when you deploy it was a little confusing to watch. I thought he died, and the camera was stuck on the ground. After watching it a couple times however, I caught on. The feel of actually using the AA would probably be smoother while you were playing. I like third person views, when warranted. I don’t really like them for things like this, and Thruster Pack. The time duration is just to short, and it’s jarring. I would rather they had an animation that stayed in first person. How about you? Leave a comment (what is this, a friggin quiz??)

Lastly, some people have been complaining about the HUD being to cluttered. I can see where they are coming from, with all the go here, do this, look out for that, you’re doing this, you did this, good job on this, tie your shoes, don’t forget your homework stuff they have put on it. I wasn’t really decided on how I felt about it until after this video.In the last bulletin, it was stated that all the extra stuff fades into the background after you have played it for a while. The question was specifically talking about Jeff Steitzer’s voice over, but I think the same can be said for the visual aspect. I now believe 343. About a quarter of the way through this game, I noticed I wasn’t looking at that stuff any more, and instead I was looking for da blue guyz. if I wanted to know something, then I paid attention to it. I think that’s how it’s suppose to work.

Was all of the announcer stuff like, “You’re holding the flag!”, “Hold the ball to score points!”, etc. just for all the possible new-to-Halo people at PAX so no one would be confused, or is that how the final build will be? -sliced365

The Jeff Steitzer Multiplayer V/Os are all recorded fresh and new for Halo. Some are going to be more subtle, some even more “ENERGETIC”, but all will fit into a broad and properly balanced sound scheme and folks should realize they’re also noticing that these things are different, new, and changed – as well as simply more strident. However in testing, and long term testing which is one advantage we always have over the “fresh” audience, it all works out beautifully or vanishes into the background. All that said as warning however, these are not the final mixes, but they’re not wildly off.

Change is scary, but you usually get used to it. If you don’t like something at first, give it a while. It might grow on you. Like this blog.



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