Halo Bulletin, Promethean style

In the Halo bulletin this week, we find out how 343 came up with the design of the Prometheans, and some of the reasons behind the new enemy class. There isn’t anything earth shattering in this vidoc, at least that I saw, but it is still informative and interesting, with a some new shots of the campaign.

Things I did note, the sword swing animation (3:28) looks a lot like what the Hunters did with their shields in Reach. That, combined with someone saying a base Knight is a small step up from an Elite (how far up are Battlewagons??) has me shaking in my booties.

Here are some screenshots of other interesting stuff I found:

All the Promethean Knights

A good shot of the Watcher “regenerating” a Knight

The Chief preforming a Crawler assasination

An early Watcher assasination

This just gives me goosebumps. Can’t wait 😀


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