Halo 4 Go-To Weapon?

Bravo posted this Exile gameplay video from the Giant Bomb show yesterday. Aside from being a good example of what my Halo 4 games will be like, there are two other things I got from this clip. David Ellis, Spartan Ops designer at 343, mentions at around 6:20 that the Needle has become his favorite weapon when playing campaign on legendary. He says that it has replaced the standard Plasma Pistol/Headshot combo. Also, David tells us that if any enemies are nearby a supercombine, they will die as well. We know the Needler was especially useful against Brutes in Halo 3 and Reach. Since the Prometheans don’t


have constant shielding, I could definitely see the Needler being effective against them. I think it may be an excellent strategy for dealing with the Watchers. The Knights may be able to phase out once you start in with the needles, similar to how the Brutes are sometimes able to evade them. The Watchers may be more susceptible though, because they are floating up in the air, possibly unable to quickly utilize cover, or dodge effectively. Additionally, if you get a supercombine while the Watcher is over top of a Knight or Crawler, it may do some damage to those as well. We also get a good look at the Boltshot in this vid, and it will for sure be my secondary weapon after watching what the overcharge can do. Justcal24


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