Halo 4 Information Overload Part 1 – SPOILER FREE.

Holy crap. I just spent the last hour and a half going through all the news, videos, screenshots and interviews in ONE POST (thanks to A 3 Legged Goat for compiling all that), and I’m sure I haven’t seen all of it. I haven’t watched any analysis videos or anything yet either.

This first post contains all the info about War games and Spartan Ops, the next one will contain the more spoilery stuff, and will be tagged appropriatly. With out further preamble then….

Spartan Ops and War Games video from GTTV

Other than a couple shots of a new SpOps mission near the end, this is the usual stuff, The Core, water cooler moments, etc. There will be some new SpOps footage in later videos however. Kiki is awesome, but she has a horrible poker face. “One mission might contain an artifact, the next might be about that artifact on the Infinity…”

 Frankie speaks about loadouts

Here we get some meat. We get a good look at the new map called Solace, wich we will see more of in another video. We also get a good look at a new Spartan Ops mission, set in a desert location, kind of a sand bowl. There is a good, slow look at the Carnage Report medal screen, and we get to see some nice armour shots in there, although most of the guys are wearing brown. Some new campaign footage shows an awesome shot of the Chief killing a knight WITH HIS OWN ARM. Fantastic. The final shot of Cortana confirms that she was saying “I need you” in that shot, not “I love you”, which would have been awful.

4v4 on Solace

Here we get a really good long look at Solace, with commentary from Adam and Nexy from The Halo Council.

Killing Frenzy on Solace

Someone goes on a killing frenzy with the sword, but the main thing I got out of this vid was that the sounds are fantastic. I don’t know if there was a mixing problem, or they just weren’t finished before, but they are great here. Also I noticed that while sprint is always available, this player didn’t use it very often. It just occurred to me that maybe you can’t sprint with a sword, and that’s why a you are immune to the slow down effect of getting shot while using one?

A new objective mode – Dominion

343 introduces a new game mode called Dominion. I can’t wait to try this mode! It seems like territories, plus generator defence, plus something totally new. In this mode you capture a series of bases, which after captured start to fortifty themselves. If one team captures all the bases, the loosing team recieves overshields, but are marked on the enemies HUD. They then have on last chance to retake a base. If they fail, they loose, and I assume that if they succeed, the game continues. The guys from the clip called it a tug of war, or “Land Grab”, which I found interesting, as that is the name of the first SpOps mission. I wonder if we will be playing a version of this objective game type?

Joystiq Interview with Kiki Wolfkill and Josh Holmes

Kiki and Josh talk about how 343 makes Halo it’s own.

Giant Bomb Interview with Frank O’Connor

Frankie tells us that some are Orange, some are Blue, and there is a reason for that.


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