Halo 4 Information Overload Part 2 – Campaign *SPOILERS*

*SPOILERS* for the Halo 4 Campaign follow

Josh Holmes Interview on GTTV

Josh share some of his thoughts on  the Campaign, and the story behind it. Nothing here I didn’t already know, but there are some nice game play, including some nice assassination animations. At one point, the player kills a jackal with the old handshot/headshot combo, and it’s nice to see that the Covenant enemies react the same in this title as in previous ones.

Machinima Interview with Kiki

Wow there is a lot of campaign footage there. Is it just me, or does Andrew Del Rio seem like a yeller? Very angry guy.


This shot shows one of two people. I figure this has to be Halsey, or Parangosky. The woman looks like she is wearing a scientist uniform, rather than an Admiral’s uniform, and seems to be standing in front of a bank of science computers, but really doesn’t look like Halsey from Reach. This could be Parangosky, But I think that 343 has exercised creative license and changed the way Halsey looks a bit from what we’ve seen before.


Ancient Evil

A lot of people are saying that Frankie let out who the AE is from this preview video to last night’s GTTV show. I don’t think so however, as he only said the Didact was a pivotal character and a source of conflict. While the Didact may be an enemy, I still don’t think he is the Ancient Evil. The two do not have to be the same. Just my two cents.


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