Flood confirmed for Halo 4!! New Halo 4 Multiplayer Screenshots – Wargames

…But not the flood you think. These screenshots give us our first glance at the new map called “Complex”. The description and officail release of the Flood photo also give us comformation that  the Infection gametype has been given an awesome revamping. Can’t wait to play as a flood form! From the way these ones look so different, I wonder if 343 redesigned them as well? If we see Flood at some time in the trilogy, I am curious how much they will resemble what we see here.

Within the War Games simulation known as “Flood,” the deadly parasite has returned. A group of Spartans has been transformed into a host of incredibly fast and deadly Flood combat forms. Get a peak at just how gruesome and horrifying this Flood form is in Halo 4, and check out the newly revealed Complex map, set on a science detachment which has been optimized to meet ONI specs for defensive emergencies.


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