Halo 4 thoughts and Interview with Frank O’Connor from The Little English Halo Blog

Flawless Cowboy got his hands on Halo 4 at the, Euro Gamer Expo in London and shares his thoughts on CTF, Spartan Ops, and the new Infection in his latest post. Read it here.

He also got to interview Frankie (at a bar no less) and the answers he received went a long way to relieving some of my fears for SpOps.

As was said in the first article, if all you do in SpOps is run around pushing buttons and holding positions with no meaningful objective, this mode is doomed to go the way of Firefight and Invasion. Still fun, but really disappointing and repetitive.

What will set Ops apart from anything that has come before, is the story aspect. The water cooler moment that 343 keeps heralding. Flawless Cowboy was honest with Frankie and said that he didn’t feel that at all. I have to think that the moving, engaging story bits are being kept out until release. This way we avoid spoilers, but still get a feel for how the mode will play.

In Frank we trust.


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