All Halo 4 forge maps revealed

In this video from Gamespot, Kynan Pearson and Lori Zawada give us a glimpse of all three forge environments  While “Impact” and “Ravine” were shown a little bit yesterday, this is my first time seeing “Erosion”

Let me be the first to say that I am not a forger. I tried it once for about 15 minutes, got frustrated, and gave up. I do however play on a lot of forged maps, and I appreciate the different maps, and the variety it will give my eyes! I might even give it another try with some of the changes made by 343.

It seems like the forge environments are individually smaller, but I think there is a lot of room  between the three of them. I’d rather see a lot of similar spaces in three different maps, than different places on the same map. I also like that there are some pre-set structures on each map, but still lots of space so that you don’t have to use those areas if you don’t want. The colour pallet isn’t as broad as some people would like, but then again rainbow coloured forge maps would look pretty strange. I think there is enough difference now that we won’t get tired to quickly.

Here are some screenshots of each map…



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