“Scanned” Live Action Trailer OF AWESOMNESS!!!!

Guys, I like Football. I ride Mountain Bikes off five foot jumps. I rode broncs for six years. I can hunt, fish, and start a fire in under a minute. I enjoy beer, beautiful women, jacked up trucks, and Johnny Cash, not necessarily in that order. In short, I would consider myself a manly man. But, I was this close to crying tears of joy during that trailer.

Throughout my experience of the Halo Universe during the past 10 years, I have always had a hard time picturing exactly what the Chief would look like. We knew some things, but nothing  real concrete. Now we know. Of course they didn’t show his face, but this is the first time we’ve seen anything. I kind of wanted them to show his face at the end of this trilogy, if he was going to die that is. Now, I don’t really care. I have enough info to extrapolate. Blue eyes, squarish shaved head. I can picture him now, and that’s good enough for me.

I also think it was an effective way to introduce the backstory of John to the fans who haven’t delved into the extended fiction. For the ones who have, like me, 343 has managed, even without playing the game, to make John more of a real person. I can see the man in this trailer giving orders with his gravely voice, but also being a lone wolf. Maybe I’m being a bit fanboy about this, but oh well. It’s not like we get this stuff everyday.

On to the screenshots!! There are lots, which shows how jammed packed this two minute  commercial was.

We start off with John waking up. I hope we get to see something like this scene in the game. we see a blurry, um, figure off in the distance. I know who this is, and maybe you do too, but for the sake of those who don’t I won’t name him. I do find it interesting that in the Chief’s radar, he shows up as an ally….

This scanning sequence is pretty wicked looking. This shot is kind of creepy with his skull showing through his helmet. I think when this happens, the Scanner is assessing John’s memories, which we see in the following flashback.

We start with John building a sandcastle on Eridanus II. Very pretty, and alien looking.

The Pelicans that do a fly by of the beach look fantastic.

John’s watches the Pelicans fly by, I wonder if he is dreaming of flying in them. I find it funny that they will show his face as a kid, but not as an adult. This was one of the shots that I was talking about before, were they gave us enough  to go on, and I’m satisfied.

Here we see John’s Mom, and how in his mind perhaps he associates her with Cortana. It could also have something to do with his relationship with Dr. Halsey, and Cortana being patterned after Halsey. He has had minimal female influence in his life, excluding the other Spartan 2’s and I find it interesting that he might think of Cortana as a “mother figure”. That sounds a little wimpy for the Master Chief, but character development and all that. I also wonder if Cortana is really trying to communicate with him here. Perhaps she is trying to find him or something.

Next we see three ONI agents kidnapping John. I am going to assume they drugged the parents because there doesn’t seem to be anyone else in the house.

Now we skip ahead to just before the Spartan’s final augmentation. These are some ripped fourteen year olds. I will put that down to either a) their intense training or b) they wanted to reduce the shock value and aged them up a bit. Maybe a little bit of both. I do find the contrast between these Spartans and Carter very interesting. Carter seemed smaller than this group, but then again he was a Spartan III.

This Spartan goes in just before John. I’m not sure about his number. Is it 073 or 013?


Here is Linda-058. If you listen close, you can here them call Spartan 058. Plus the red hair. These are the small things that make a huge difference, and why I am beginning to have a crush on 343.

I think his number was 013, because he wasn’t lucky like John.

John wakes up to some horrendous incisions. That looks like it’s a little ouchy. What’s the computer chip looking thing on his arm for?

He turns around to a mostly empty medical bay. I wonder if that is because he took longer to recover, or if that many washed out? It looks like there are only a few left in the room.

Next we see John getting dressed in his Mark IV armour, at least I assume that is the model we are looking at. This apparatus looks similar to the one used by the Spartan 4’s on the Infinity.

Here we get a closer look at the armour, and the back of John’s head.

A close up of his jaw. I like that his suit assembles like the Spartan 4’s suit as well.

In the next scene John is watching a line of Promethean Knights on a cliff in Requiem. Now I wonder, is it dark because it’s night, or are we in a cave…..

….because that is an orange knight, at what seems to be night. I don’t know if that ruins the Blue=night/Orange=day thing or not though.

The flashback is over.

“Do you want a mint? I have some in my pocket….”

An ancient evil arises. I still hold to this theory, but I am prepared to be wrong, IN 18 DAYS!!



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