Halo 4 Launch Gameplay Trailer

I just caught the new trailer that showed last night during SOA, and of course took some screenshots (I love screenshots! I found a media player that will burst shot and it’s made things 100 times easier!). There are a few interesting things in this short preview! *Spoilers for Cryptum ahead* If you desire to go 100% dark, stop reading. If you are following the speculations and all that, feel free to read on. I will discuss the big baddy and that, but no leaks. All the information here can be gleaned from 343 themselves.

I assume this is not long after the arrival on Requiem. Has Cortana ever been able to project herself like that before, out of just her data chip? I can’t remember if she has. If not, I’d guess they did this so that you could see more interaction between the two, rather than just voice overs.

I don’t know, but that looks a lot like a Halo right there….

Here we see John, and I believe this is where he opens a Cryptum. Notice how it looks plain and Ovoid, much like described in Cryptum (the novel), and doesn’t have the Orange designs on it….yet.

“Unleashed in a moment” This reminds me a lot of how Bornstellar released the Didact at the beginning of Cryptum. I am staring to notice a lot of parallels between Bornstellar and John. Maybe an article for the future…

This shot on Longbow just has so much action! I love it.

Here we see this Giant Forerunner thingy again. I’m really curious as to what it is. If anyone knows, please clue me in in the comments. I wonder if it is something we will have to fight or destroy, or if it is just something pleasantly in the background?

The Didact’s left hand, looks pretty wicked. Six fingers? Huh.

The Didact’s right hand. Also wicked looking. Is it just me or do they look like Elite hands?

The Didact force choking…I mean levitating John.

This video finally has me questioning whether the Didact might be the Ancient Evil after all. I mean, all of these clues could still point to someone else, but it does seem like he might have a grudge against us. He says “Humanity stands as the greatest threat in the Galaxy”. With this statement  I can see that his hatred of humanity that started during the first Forerunner-Human war might have only been put aside for Chakas and Riser. Perhaps his old prejudice still remains.



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