So Very Close

We are now in single digit territory. With just over 8 days left, I am trying hard to contain my excitement, and look forward to the next small thing rather than focusing on the big finale.

I am currently on my last work shift before the release. Once I am done on Tuesday, I will not go back to work until Nov. 9th. That will be a long five day shift, having played Halo for three straight days, then not being able to at all.

Once I get home I am going to finish my Halo series play through. I have the final two missions on Halo 2 , and all of Halo 3 yet to finish. Those will be divided up so I only play a few missions each day, completing Halo 3 on the 5th. I’ll be plating Skyrim this week as well, since I have so much to do on it, and I sure won’t be interested in that game after 4 comes out.

Thursday we will have the final bulletin, a Q&A edition that I am looking forward to.

Friday morning will gift us with the final episode of Forward Unto Dawn, which I will cover here. I expect two things from this episode: a Hunter, and additional Spartans. If we get both, I will be 100% satisfied.

Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday is the MLG Dallas event, featuring Halo 4. Check out all the info here. I am really looking forward to watching this, and getting to see lots of high quality gameplay on the new maps. Commentated by Elamite and Bravo, this tournament is a must watch for me.

Finally we come to Monday. Halo comes out on Tuesday of course, but since I am going to a midnight launch, it will still be Monday to me.

I called my local EB Games to ask if they would be doing a midnight release back when the LE was first released. At the time they said they weren’t sure. Not wanting to miss our on the LE, I pre ordered it in the bigger city 40 minutes away, where I was assured of getting the game at midnight. Later on I was told the local store would be having a midnight release, but by that time the LE had been sold out. So as a result I have a 40-45 minute drive home after I get the game, rather than a 5 minute one. In hindsight I should have ordered at both. C’est la vie.

I plan to wake up early Monday, around 3 am. I’ll finish up Halo 3 and maybe watch some replays of MLG Dallas. Once I pick up my son from school, I’ll go for a nap until around 6pm (hopefully I can get to sleep!). After the nap I’ll head to Regina, and basically kill time until midnight. If they have a bunch of stuff going on, I’ll do some posts from the launch, maybe put a video or two up on my YouTube account.

Once I have the game I will drive home at at the fastest reasonable speed, and burn through Campaign on normal while consuming massive amounts of Mountain Dew and Doritos. Then I will hit SpOps until I can do them flawlessly, or I pass out in my recliner with my headset on and controller in my hand.

Tuesday I will be playing, making SpOps videos, and blogging.

That’s my week and a bit ahead. What have you all got planned? I’d love to hear what you are going to do for the big day, so let me know in the comments!



2 thoughts on “So Very Close

  1. Nice play-by-play of what will be happening in your world when Halo 4 hits. Hearing what other people will be doing gets me even more pumped (if that’s possible) for 11/6.

    For myself, the 6th of November will be a day of waiting – not in line at midnight, but at work after the package is delivered …

    I will them open my Limited Edition slowly, very slowly … and bask in the glow. I will continue to bask all day as time ticks by at (what is sure to be) a snail’s pace, and then I will drive at break-neck … ahem … legal speed home.

    Then it’s onto Campaign on Normal so I can get through it in a reasonable amount of time (probably factor in several days for me with real life constantly getting in the way), and War Games sprinkled throughout.

    I’m not sure how to balance War Games/Campaign, since I want the story right away but have been really looking forward to multiplayer! And then there’s SpartanOps! How will it work out?

    I’m not sure, but it’s a good problem to have 🙂

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