Spartan Ops Trailer – Full Analysis

Wow. If that doesn’t get your blood pumping for Spartan Ops, and Halo 4 in general, you are probably dead. I love Commander Palmer already just from the line, “If those freaks want to meet God, it’s our duty to help them along!”. Gives me goosebumps!

I’ve got some screenshots of course, and some speculations about what is in them. I will leave anything I deem to be a spoiler at the bottom, with a warning above. read a way in total bliss, until you reach the red warning. proceed cautiously thereafter.

Here we have a shot of Lasky on the bridge of the Infinity. I assume he is looking at a Hologram of Requiem there, but who is the figure behind the sphere? I wonder if that is Infinity’s AI?

The Spartan warehouse. All shapes and colours available.

Commander Palmer giving her kick ass pregame speech

Looks like Majestic Squad, the group of Spartans we will be following in the episodes, is in a firefight. These scenes look absolutely fantastic.

A couple shots of another Spartan getting suited up, similair to ones we saw from NYCC.

A group of shots featuring some of the gameplay.

Ahh the good stuff. Looks like we have some Broadswords (the new space fighter) heading into Requiem.

OOOOHHH Boy, you do NOT want to park there. that was fantastic. It is a testament to how big the infinity is that it can do something like that and not be rendered inoperable.

Lasky gets a smirk from ramming the Covey ship.

There is also this little clip of the ONI symbol at the very end of the video. I’m guessing it has to do with the whole #EVILAWAKENS thing, but I’m nowhere near smart enough to figure that kind of stuff out.


That was your warning.





Here we have the scene at the end. It looks like a bunch of guys in lab coats opening a trunk of some kind, and it either blows up or releases a bunch of something. I believe (speculating) that this is the artifact recovered in Ep1Ch5: The Core. Something isn’t right about that thing, and we know from the description of Ep2 that it causes some problems on the Infinity. I think this is the start of those problems.



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