Format Change For Sanity

When I started doing this blog, my original intent was to be a place where someone could go to find out all about Spartan Ops. From what happened in each episode and Chapter, to  reviews about those episodes, character info, etc…

Lately I have found myself more worried about making You Tube guides than doing what I set out to do. While Solo Legendary Guides are fun to do, I feel that if you can’t do it without dying, you don’t really have any business making a guide. That little bit of logic leads me to try and do these Chapters solo, on legendary, without dying. Which most definitely can be done, but it takes FOREVER. AND EVER. It is also very hard on the old ticker. And the marriage.

So I have decided to discontinue any guides, and just use my You ube channel to give short looks at each mission as I play them with others. I played online with randoms this morning, and I had a blast. Making guides was starting to become work, something to dread and avoid rather than fun. I didn’t start this blog as a make-work project, it’s a hobby.

Sorry to all of those who found my guides helpful and were looking forward to more. Think of it this way: had I continued, I would have had either a heart attack or a Phsycotic break, in which case you wouldn’t have gotten any more guides anyway. 😉 I may find a way to incorporate someone else’s guides into the posts, but I will no longer make them myself.

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Spartan Ops Episode 5 Trailer

Things are starting to heat up at the mid point of the season! Looks like the mysterious communications weren’t from the librarian, but some other kind of AI. Thorne begins to show that he might be a little better than the rest, though the title, “Memento Mori” might come into play here, or possibly with both storylines. Memento Mori is a Latin saying that means “Remember Death”, or less literally, “Remember that you are mortal”. This may mean that someone is getting a big head from big deeds (Thorne) or that perhaps the AI with human memories thinks it’s still alive.

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Spartan Ops Episode 4 – Didact’s Hand – Full review

We start off with Grant escorting Thorne to the “Dragon Lady”, Dr. Halsey. Thorne has volunteered to be her escort for the day, and Grant can’t understand why.

After this small scene, our only real look at Grant other than in Episode One, I am inclined to say she is a lot like Madson and Demarco. Basically, a cocky douche. Thorne really seems to stand out in this bunch, at least from the above three. I’m still on the fence about Hoya, but I could easily see him fitting the same mold as the rest of Majestic Squad. In contrast to their rude, arrogant and in your face manner, Thorne often seems quite, subdued and likely to fade into the background. He even knocks for Dr. Halsey, which no one else seems to do. This and the way he treats her in the following scene, show that he has some respect for Halsey, which is a breath of fresh air amongst all the hate she has been getting.

This sequence brings out something that I was hoping for after I read through the Limited Edition goodies, which focus quite heavily on Thorne. He obviously has a deeper interest in the Spartan II’s and Halsey than the average S-IV. Hoya may be in on the game to, according to a note found in the LE, but that remains to be seen.

In their conversation, they again hit upon the theme that the question of whether or not the S-IV’s are truly capable of being Spartans. Thorne himself suggests that the S-II’s (and by extension the S-III’s) had a definite edge, being raised as super soldiers. Halsey gives him a glance and says that “Some may be closer than others”, intimating that she to has noticed the difference in Thorne compared to the rest.

Another interesting thing is that Thorne says he was in the army when the events of New Phoenix transpired, and decided to enlist with the Spartan program after that. That means that he has been a Spartan for less than six months! Considering that there was already some squad history when we are first introduced to Majestic, the training program and augmentation could have taken less than 5 months! compare that to 14 years of training for the S-II’s, and we can see why the IV’s may be lees than stellar in quite a few categories.

As they are talking, Dr Halsey receives a transmission from a mysterious source. I am going to go ahead and speculate that this is the Librarian. Or at least, whatever of her is left on Requiem. I am really excited to see where this goes if it is. Halsey and the Librarian could be quite the combo!

I like how they’ve started to flesh out Roland a little bit in this episode. They do it mostly in Chapter 4, but we get a tiny glimpse of it here.

To me this turn in conversation revealed how manipulative Halsey can be. She wants to learn more about the Prometheans, and who better to tell her than the Spartan guarding her. She deftly turns the conversation towards the desired subject, and then just as abruptly dismisses Thorne.

In contrast to Halsey’s calm, collected, and in control manner, here we see Dr. Glassman, who is anything but in control. It seems like he may be wearing an explosive harness, similar to the one forced upon ‘Mdama in The Thursday War. He seems lost in the idea that the Librarian could be inside the structure.

The Speech Jul gives at the end is probably my favorite part of the episode. All the Sangheili chanting “‘Mdama! ‘Mdama!” gave me chills!

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Halo 4 Map Pack Details

A few days ago we found out the release dates of each of the upcoming map packs:

Crimson Map Pack – Dec. 10th
Majestic Map Pack – Feb. 25th
Castle Map Pack – Apr. 1st

So the first of these packs comes out in less than two weeks, and I look forward to checking them out! I wonder if these spaces will be used in the final episodes of Spartan Ops, that would be fantastic.

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Spartan Ops Episode 4 – Didact’s Hand

Episode 4 is live! Watch the latest here.

I’m really excited to fully analyze this thing. There is lots in this episode, expected and unexpected. On the playable side, looks like we’re going on another Elite hunt, but this time we get a present from the Didact at the end!! A little early for Christmas… *shake shake shake* It’s either a time bomb or a Librarian.

They just keep getting better, and as far as the CG side goes, I’m very pleased so far. If the gameplay this week is as good and meaningful as it was last week, I’ll be ready to say I’m pleased with that side as well.

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Spartan Ops Episode 4 Trailer

The trailer for Episode 4: Didact’s Hand is out, and you can watch it here.

Looks like the UNSC is searching for the Librarian “AI”. That could be an interesting plot point.

Was that some kind of a leash on Glassman?

There were some hints of Thorn’s interest in the S-II’s in the Limited Edition. It almost seemed like he has a personal reason for asking, or at least something driving him to seek out and speak with Halsey.

I hope the missions for this week are also as good as last week’s installment. In this week’s Halo Bulletin, David Ellis says that Episode 3 is where they really began to intertwine the story elements of SpOps, and it definitely shows.

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