Halo 4 Review Round Up – Spoiler Free

Sal at halofanforlife.com put up a nice round up of the reviews, an overwhelming majority of which are extremely positive, some giving perfect scores.

The post itself is spoiler free, but Sal warns of possible spoilers if you click on the links. I want to read the articles themselves, but fear has me paralyzed!! It’s enough for me to know that the game is an average 10/10!!



2 thoughts on “Halo 4 Review Round Up – Spoiler Free

  1. Thanks for the repost. yeah, I had to skim the articles. I didn’t want to read any spoilers either. I did accidentally read one spoiler, though nothing that spoiled me too much. It’s a VERY cool thing. But I won’t spoil it for you.

    • I know the risk of being spoiled when reading those articles, even on the little things, and I sure appreciate guys like you who read them anyway, so the rest I us can get a good idea of what they say about the game. I’m looking forward to your FUD review tomorrow!

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