Today is the Day!!

It’s finally here! Today is the day I, and many of you out there, will get to play the most anticipated game of 2012. For many Halo fans, it’s the most anticipated of the decade.

While Reach was the game I’ve spent the most time on by far, there was so much wrong with it. From major cannon issues to game play, to graphics and the overall tone of the story, Halo: Reach failed on so many levels. Consistently ranked at the bottom of lists of Halo games, I believe it is one many will simply forget. I sure will, except when doing campaign play-throughs.

I’ve got everything ready to create some Spartan Ops Legendary guides tomorrow. All I need is the game, and enough time to do some run throughs of the various missions. I’m hoping to have the first two up tomorrow, followed by the rest before I leave on Friday. Of course I’ll also have a review of the Episode (CG cutscene) as soon as I can. I’m not sure if I should put it up on You Tube or not. There could be some issues with copyright there I don’t want to mess with. Either way, I’ll have a review similar to my FUD reviews, with screenshots and commentary.

My whole family has had the flu, my daughter has it right now. I hope I can avoid it!! Watch my You Tube channel for some videos from the launch tonight. I’ll embed them here in one post tomorrow.

See you on Infinity!



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