Halo 4 Campaign First Thoughts – No Spoilers.

Boy, that was an emotional ride wasn’t it?? Fantastic. That’s all I can say sitting here from my chair just after finishing Halo 4’s campaign.

The gameplay feels spot on, even the Prometheans, once you get the hang of them. The story is another matter entirely. I feel like bungie had an idea about a story, and 343 is realizing that idea to it’s fullest. I don’t know if that makes sense, but it is what it is. Hearing the Chief talk that much, while strange at first, actually seems more natural. He is responding to Cortana, rather than just saying nothing. It makes sense.

To those who have finished, let me point out, the  prologue blew my mind, as well as the ending. Both of them.

On to Spartan Ops!!


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