Format Change For Sanity

When I started doing this blog, my original intent was to be a place where someone could go to find out all about Spartan Ops. From what happened in each episode and Chapter, to  reviews about those episodes, character info, etc…

Lately I have found myself more worried about making You Tube guides than doing what I set out to do. While Solo Legendary Guides are fun to do, I feel that if you can’t do it without dying, you don’t really have any business making a guide. That little bit of logic leads me to try and do these Chapters solo, on legendary, without dying. Which most definitely can be done, but it takes FOREVER. AND EVER. It is also very hard on the old ticker. And the marriage.

So I have decided to discontinue any guides, and just use my You ube channel to give short looks at each mission as I play them with others. I played online with randoms this morning, and I had a blast. Making guides was starting to become work, something to dread and avoid rather than fun. I didn’t start this blog as a make-work project, it’s a hobby.

Sorry to all of those who found my guides helpful and were looking forward to more. Think of it this way: had I continued, I would have had either a heart attack or a Phsycotic break, in which case you wouldn’t have gotten any more guides anyway. 😉 I may find a way to incorporate someone else’s guides into the posts, but I will no longer make them myself.

See you on Infinity,


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