Spartan Ops Episode 5 – Memento Mori Full Review


We start off this week were we left off last week, Majestic coming into Galileo base to pick up the “Promethean Soul”. This was a good way to bring continuity between the gameplay and the episodes. Two nit picky things I thought of here though: Where did Crimson go? We just run and hide whenever Majestic is around apparently.  The other thing is why does Majestic all have blue armour, when we as Crimson just have our own colours? Maybe that squad all really likes blue.

spops_05_hd.wmv_000018223 spops_05_hd.wmv_000022496 spops_05_hd.wmv_000023097 spops_05_hd.wmv_000031675



It doesn’t take the Covenant long to regroup from the ass whoopin we laid on them, and start in on Majestic. They are pinned down by Phantoms until Thorne hijacks a ghost (stand out moment for him) and Grant follows suit. I do note that once again, Demarco’s orders are not being followed. Seems like an ongoing issue. Overall however, I really liked this scene from Majestic Squad.


We quickly learn however that it was all a trap. ‘Mdama dropped the “soul box” on purpose. to what purpose is still unclear, but we will get to that…

spops_05_hd.wmv_000099800 spops_05_hd.wmv_000104773 spops_05_hd.wmv_000112817

Back on Infinity, Dr. Halsey, cracks the soul box open with the help of Roland. It reveals something similiar to an AI matrix. Dr. Halsey starts touch the motes of light with her pen (DO NOT TOUCH THE SHINY FORERUNNER STUFF), at which point the box explodes with light. If you freeze it in just the right spot, you can see a human outline with it’s arms spread out like it is ascending upwards. Very “Soul-like”.


After the release of the “Soul” Human memories from the attack on New Phoenix  This upsets Thorne most likely because his family could be Prometheans on Requiem, he may have even killed them himself. The news seems to fluster Lasky. I believe that he, like us, genuinely has no idea how these memories got to Requiem. Demarco can’t believe it either. As Thorne storms off, Halsey has an idea of how the memories may have been transferred.

spops_05_hd.wmv_000184780 spops_05_hd.wmv_000187817 spops_05_hd.wmv_000208410

After they head back to the Artifact, we see Dr. Halsey in some kind of projection, then she begins writing on her tablet to her mysterious informant, who is none other than Jul ‘Mama.

I did not see that coming. I thought perhaps the Librarian, another Requiem AI, or even a digitized human, but it never crossed my mind that it might be the Covenant. We can see that Jul has learned well from his Human captors how to deceive and manipulate.

What are his plans with Dr. Halsey? What does he want from her? Does he not believe that Glassman can do the job? Or maybe he needs her for something entirely different? What was the purpose of showing her the digitized human soul?

spops_05_hd.wmv_000214019 spops_05_hd.wmv_000220294

We don’t get the chance however, as the bitch -oops- I mean, Palmer yoinks the tablet from her hand. Apparently the conversation she has been having with Jul is enough to get her locked up. I don’t think for a second that she will stay there for long.

I’m going to take this minute to let everyone know how much I’m starting to dislike Palmer. Is it really necessary to pull a gun at every drop of a hat?? I mean you are a 6’9, 240 pound lethal killing machine. Exactly what is a 60 year old lady going to do to you?! She isn’t going to shoot her in the head anyway, because if she did, she be in nearly as much trouble as Halsey. Also, where is her helmet? I vaguely remember her wearing one somewhere, but not lately  Did she loose it?? As far as that goes, the same could be said for Majestic team as well. What is the point of wearing that gigantic suit if you walk around on duty without the helmet? What if there was an attack on the ship? “Just hold on a minute evil alien baddy, I seem to have misplaced my helmet…” I mean I get why they don’t wear them, connecting to the audience and all, but they should have them on while on duty. Rant done.

spops_05_hd.wmv_000247429 spops_05_hd.wmv_000236549

We flip to Glassman succeeding in his bid to….do something. A giant ball has appeared around the Librarian Shrine.  Whether this was caused by Glassman or not, who can tell. I didn’t notice the Elites are kneeling until I was doing the screenshots. This could get confusing indeed if they start taking orders from the Librarian. Covenant friendlies in Halo 5??

I do find it interesting that when Halsey has success  Glassman fails. When Halsey Fails, Glassman succeeds. Not without cost however, as it looks like the Covvies are giving him the beats.

spops_05_hd.wmv_000260314 spops_05_hd.wmv_000263884 spops_05_hd.wmv_000269926 spops_05_hd.wmv_000277770

In the next scene we see Thorne committing the Cardinal Spartan Ops sin of TOUCHING THE SHINY FORERUNNER THING. What happens?? Fairies and daisies sprout all over the Infinity. No. Not really. He suffers the same fate as Glassman, and gets transported right into the middle of a group of angry sword Elites, WITHOUT HIS HELMET. Awful. The Chief never had this problem.

I wonder if this thing can pick and chose who it transports? Glassman and Thorne both got sent just from touching it, but Halsey didn’t. Does that mean anything? Time will tell. Maybe. Also, orange bubbles going in, blue ones coming out. Is their meaning to this, or am I just reading to much into it?

See you on Infinity,


2 thoughts on “Spartan Ops Episode 5 – Memento Mori Full Review

  1. Cool reviews. My theory on the orange in/blue out thing with the artifact is that it’s a red-shift/blue-shift thing. Think about Portal. Remember how the portal gun was orange for an entrance portal and blue for an exit one? It’s the same phenomenon. Light moving away shifts red. Light moving toward shifts blue.

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