Spartan Ops – Episodes 6-10 Trailer

Catch the trailer for the second half of Spartan Ops season one here.


The second half of Spartan Ops Season 1 returns on 1/21! Get a first look at episodes 6-10 featuring brand new stories, missions and locations.
Halo 4 is available now for the Xbox 360.

The second half of the season looks to be quite exciting! All new locations sounds fantastic, and I wonder if we will get the much sought after standoff on the Infinity. It does look like there is at least one brand new location, though I am sure we will use some different Campaign spaces and perhaps one of the maps from the Crimson Map Pack.

I wonder why the decision was made to reuse maps so much in the first and second halves. I assume it had to do with the availability of the new maps, plus the plot line of the story itself. While I am absolutely sure there is a reason, I can’t help but think that including more variety in the first half, and by extension the season as a whole, Spartan Ops would have recievwd more positive reviews and opinions. Many of the complaints about the mode have been about the recycling of maps, and this could have been avoided. I think if they reuse the spaces in episodes 6-10 like they did in 1-5, the same complaints and criticisms will arise again.

A couple questions I would like answered in these episodes: Where was Palmer in Ep05? What is really in the “Shrine”? Where is Thorne? Will Halsey get some respect from the S-IV’s? Where is Science Team Gargarin? How many eggheads will we get? All urgent questions that require answering.

Here’s to a successful second half, and news of renewal for Season 2!

See you on Infinity,


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