The Best of 2012

Inspired by a post on Facebook from a women I went to school with, I have decided to make a list of the best things that happened to me, or that I did during 2012. Obviously this isn’t a Halo-centric post, but there are some Halo related things in the list. I try to keep this blog about our favorite game, because that is why you all subscribe, but throwing in some personal stuff once and a while is fun to.

The Best of 2012

Paid off debt with some surprise cash

Bought a new truck (finally a Ford!)


Helped out at the local Rodeo, and joined the Rodeo committee

Went to our first Rider game as a family, my son’s first game



Camped in Banff for 9 days; Made snowballs in July after climbing a mountain with my family; Had lunch in Heaven (Ink Pots near Banff)




I was home for Halloween for the first time in my Son’s life; second time in my daughters

Joined the Pavers (local bike club) executive

Halo 4

Started and maintained a blog for longer than a month.

There are probably a lot of things I missed or forgot, but these are the ones that stands out in my mind right now. I look forward to making another list a year from now, hopefully bigger and better!

See you in 2013,


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