Halo for Christmas…

My Halo collection got quite an improvement over the holidays. I reacquired the novels that I had given away a few years back, got some Mcfarlane figures, and picked up the Mega Blocks Mantis.

I have listened to all of the audio books multiple times, but have started reading “The Fall of Reach” again. My wife got me the “Definitive Edition” Box set, and the added fiction at the end of each book was an unexpected treat.  I have to say the Mantis is fantastic. It is the first Mega Blocks set I have built, but I was really pleased with the quality, the articulation in the joints, and it’s ability to stand in a variety of positions without falling over, especially since it’s so top heavy.

I am cautiously venturing into the world of collecting the Mcfarlane figures. I am just learning, and have to budget myself to one figure a month however. My first inclination is to just buy all in a series right off the bat, since they seem cheaper and easier to get then. But then I remembered that I’m not a millionaire, and imposed a little self control. So far I have :

Mcfarlane Halo 4 Series 1

  • Master Chief
  • Grunt Storm
  • Elite Zealot (Just ordered)

Halo 4 Series 1 Five-Pack of Figures   Scheduled for November 2012

  • Master Chief
  • Spartan Soldier (Orange)
  • Cortana
  • Watcher
  • Crawler

This will not be the focus of this site by any means, because this is kind of a hobby of a hobby, to put it awkwardly. depending on how my collection goes, I may dedicate a page to it, but that’s as far as it will go, and I don’t see it getting there for quite a while. If you want great Halo toy news and reviews, check out HaloFanForLife, and another great site I stumbled across, Halo Toy News.

Before Christmas

Before Christmas

After Christmas

After Christmas



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