A Spartan’s Skyrim Vacation

Greetings fellow Spartans! I just got back to Infinity from my vacation, and it feels good be home.

When Commander Palmer told me that the Eggheads had figured out how to use the Requiem portal system to send us anywhere we wanted, I immediately told them I wanted a mountain vacation, somewhere peaceful and away from all the tech.

They found me a destination, and I stepped through, knowing that another portal would open in the same spot in six weeks. However as soon as I got to the other side, I was attacked by a group of men with swords (real ones, not energy swords). I tried to fight, but without my armour they overwhelmed me, and knocked me out.

Next thing I know I wake up in a cart with my hands tied. It wasn’t long before I learned we were headed for the headsman’s block. We drove into a small village, and as my turn came to be cut down to size, a dragon appeared and started attacking the town! No joke, a real live dragon! Well my Spartan training kicked in and I was able to escape.

To make a long story short, I did what any Spartan would do in that situation, and saved the world from imminent destruction, single handedly ended a war, and became the richest man in the land. As I stepped back through the portal carrying my custom enchanted glass bow “Soul Magnet” as a memento of my adventures, I asked the Eggheads to mark that location. I think I’ll spend my next vacay there. I have a lot I still want to do, and it sounds like I might have a rival on some island to take care of…..

Crimson fireteam returns for the final half of Season One tomorrow, and you can expect the same from AE as in the first half of the season. I will post initial impressions tomorrow morning, followed by my full review with screenshots. On Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on when I get home. I have purposefully avoided previews or hands-on stuff, because I don’t want to know anymore than what the 6-10 trailer showed us.

One thing that will be different is that I will be focusing on the story for now, and leaving the gameplay and videos for another time, perhaps in between seasons. If you want in-depth gameplay analysis, checkout HaloFanForLife’s Mission by Mission posts. I will archive each mission eventually, but I am just to busy to do all five each week.

Also, keep an eye out for my final “Hero’s Journey” installment, which will be out next week.

See you on Infinity,


One thought on “A Spartan’s Skyrim Vacation

  1. Glad you were able to save the world from imminent destruction (the worst kind of destruction, in my opinion 🙂 )

    Looking forward to your thoughts on the rest of Spartan Ops Season 1. I’ve tried to avoid spoilers as well so it should be a good time!

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