Spartan Ops Episode 9 – Key – Full Review

The Cinematic this week was spot on, though some of the major stuff was “spoiled” by the trailer (Librarian, key smash, episode title) but it’s hard to have no spoilers for a five minute vignette in a 40 second trailer, so whatever. I still loved it. I especially liked Halsey’s facial expressions in this episode, and that speaks volumes for their quality. The missions had more of a tie in this week than last, and while they still felt a little unnecessary, they were quite fun, especially with the gunner mod!



Insubordinate bitch. Sorry but if you enjoy Palmer,you aren’t going to like this blog much. She is a commander, and her Captain just told her to stand down. Regardless of any order Lasky may have been given concerning Halsey, Palmer is still under his  command, and needs to understand that. It isn’t up to her how Halsey is taken down, ad Osman did not give her any orders that I recall. Like I’ve said many times before, the 4’s are much less than what the 2s were, and it starts with their commanding officer.


Lasky takes matters into his own hands and orders Majestic to recue Halsey. I like this, since he bypasses Palmer.

spops_09_hd.wmv_000095093 spops_09_hd.wmv_000095693

Halsey almost looks beatific meeting the Librarian for the first time. This is how the Greg Bear novels describe what meeting the Librarian would be like for a human, like seeing the most beautiful, wondrous vision. Does it speak to John’s brokeness that he didn’t react in this way? Or maybe he did, and we just couldn’t see it…


Hey, who is that?? I have no ide…OOHHHH it’s Palmer. I don’t remember her ever having a helmet on…

spops_09_hd.wmv_000163450 spops_09_hd.wmv_000165587

So it looked like Halsey had been transported entirely  but here we see the meeting with the Librarian is in her mind.

spops_09_hd.wmv_000168324 spops_09_hd.wmv_000174065 spops_09_hd.wmv_000179005

So.. Good thing the Didact didn’t get his hands on this “Jannis Key”. Yet. I notice that it’s two halves are orange and blue, presumably for the Didact and the Librarian. So we now have this “Absolute Record” to search for. I wonder if this will be part of Season 2, or Halo 5? I think we will get a season 2, the mode seems popular enough for it, and I think that may be the search for the Record, and will lead us into Halo 5.

Also, I notice here that the Librarian only has 5 fingers, whereas the Didact has six. Is this an oversight, or is the extra finger a result of his mutations or Rate?


Here you can kind of catch a look of smugness or satisfaction on Halsey’s face. Kind of a “Ha, I have triumphed again” look.


This scene reminded me of John placing his hands on the Reclaimer symbols that released the Didact. Could it be that Halsey is releasing something as well? Not physical like the Didact, but changing the course of the Universe? Upsetting the balance so to speak.


When Halsey tosses her half of the key to Thorne it seemed like a little passing of the torch. I was about to type that we aren’t anywhere near done with the Cheif, but do we know that? What if Halo 5 isn’t the Cheif, but Thorne? I’m sure 343 would never go that far, but it’s possible. In either case, I think Thorne is the future of the franchise, and I’m fine with that.


If you watch this scene closely, and slowly, you can see that Palmer ducks around, trying to get a shot at Halsey, Prometheans and Elites be damned. This makes me want to puke. Have I mentioned how much I hate her?


So where did ‘Mdama scuttle off to now? That guy has a way of slipping out of trouble…


This is another Palmer hate inducing scene. “What are you guys doing here?” You guys? Sorry but she sounds like she is their equal, which she is not. She also sounds childish, which she is. There are a lot of more appropriate things she could have said. It really seems like her anger towards, or hatred of Halsey has control of her.


Ch 1: The Search For Halsey


The Search for Halsey

Jul ‘Mdama has abducted Dr. Catherine Halsey. All fireteams dispatched to investigate her whereabouts

A fairly standard firefight on Cyclone, though I really liked the intro showing the UNSC ships, and the defense section of the mission.

Ch 2: Clean Up

Map: Control

Clean Up

Fireteam Crimson dispatched to back up Boa Squad in holding UNSC base at Covenant Control.

Not a lot here either. This map has become a lot more fun since I found the lifts though. I’m not sure if they have always been there and I didn’t notice, or if 343 added them later. either way, they make moving levels much easier.

Ch 3: Science Mountain

Map: Apex

Science Mountain

Spartans deployed to investigate Halsey transmission at Apex. Scorpion tank drop requested.

I had the most fun on this mission in matchmaking. Solo it was ok, the end section with all the Prometheans being the most fun. In multiplayer, I chose the gunner mod, hopped into the turret seat of a tank and went to town. In the sections without tanks I tried to find a turret as soon as possible.

Ch 4: Revenge

Map: Lockup


Covenant detention facility targeted for shut down. Spartans on the ground to level structure.

It was a nice surprise to see that there are sections of these maps we haven’t seen before, and the circle area on Lockup is on of my favorite areas to play so far. I like the height advantage, and all the turrets! Otherwise, I enjoyed the first two sections and the inclusion of the warthogs.

Ch 5: The Hammer

Map: Lockup

The Hammer

Numerous Covenant forces inbound on Lockup. UNSC ground teams are holding the area and request Spartan reinforcements.

In this mission we stick around this new area and battle against quite a few enemies. The abundance of Feul Rod Cannons and Turrets was a lot of fun.

See you on Infinity,


Spartan Ops Episode 9: Key

Spartan Ops Episode 9 is live!

I didn’t think it was possible to hate Palmer any more, but yep, it is. She sounded like a ten year old at the end of the episode.

I see the setup coming for either a Spartan Ops season two, or Halo 5, provided we get the second half of that key. I also agree with the speculation that Thorne looks to be the heir apparent to the Cheif, and I’m actually looking forward to that, as it is a logical way to continue the franchise without having an immortal Chief.

Full review to come later this week!

See you on Infinity,

Spartan Ops Episode 8 – Full Review

I was initially extremely impressed by this episode. The cutscene was fantastic, with it’s action, betrayl, and new (important) characters. However after playing through the missions, my opinion of the episode as a whole went from a 9 to a 7 out of 10.


As I said above, an awesome cutscene, the best one so far. Yes, I know I say that about everyone, and from the trailer for next week, I predict I will say it again. That is the way it should be though, heading towards a climax of any show.


We start out with Glassman and Thorne walking through the desert. I like Glassman’s comment that he isn’t a Spartan. The difference between him and Thorne might have something to do with training, overall fitness, and how Glassman has been treated since his capture. However, it is interesting to think that Spartans are in that much better shape than ordinary people. Thorne’s suit helps,and we’ll see just how much in a few minutes.

spops_08_hd.wmv_000084712 spops_08_hd.wmv_000094359

This fight scene was spectacular, and Thorne is badass. we see just how large the Elite are compared to the S-IVs, and it shows off how the suit/augments let him lift the rock relativley easily. When the rock smashed on his armour, I went “woah.” Yep. “Woah”


Kind of guessed good ol Gek would get shot in the back when he did the classic “Ima stab you” move while kneeling on Thorne. I didn’t expect it to be the douche bag  crew however. Nice reveal for them, no matter what we think of their personalities…


That artifact can multitask! Communication device, surveilance device, transporter anchor! Is there anything it can’t do? Available at Walmart for only $19.95…


Dear sweet MOTHER OF MERCY, will Palmer die already. At first I liked her. Then I disagreed with her. Then she annoyed me. Now she must die. The first chance I get I am going to deliver a blue spider unto her bitchy, arrogant face.




So in my review of last week’s trailer, I speculated that Halsey had, at least inadvertantly, caused the invasion of the Infinity. I’ll assume that she planned it. Which to me is, just, wow. I’m all for doing whatever it takes, but she certainly seems to not give a shit about humanity anymore. Is it her thirst for knowledge that makes her this way, or her concern for “Her” Spartans? Also of note, the Reach Data pads seemed to imply that something was actually wrong with Halsey, and after this episode, I am inclined to agree.

<< In all likelihood, ORION’s limited success can be attributed to [03529-24450-EN’s] diminished, though still functioning, compassion. Conversely, [10141-026-SRB4695‘s] ruthlessness – which may be attributed to an undiagnosed, undocumented, or deliberately obfuscated chemical imbalance – was necessary for setting in motion the events that will eventually supply us with the optimal solution.

– Reach Data Pad #7


Whoah, that’s the last guy I’d give the sword to. “Hey ladies…Wanna see my sword?” This secene REALLY bothered me for one major reason. T Majestic again removes their helmets, this time in a hostile enviroment, where a Knight could pop out of thin air. Like, come on. Ok 343, we get it. We know who they are. I knew it was Madson talking in the last scene just by the sound of his voice. I’m not sure how this made it through so many people who most likely thought the same thing, but apparently it did.


When we see Lasky here, I knew he was going to get chewed out…

spops_08_hd.wmv_000219659 spops_08_hd.wmv_000237583

but it blew my mind when it was Osman that did the chewing, but at first I thought it was his mom!  I was literally jumping up and down with excitment. I said in my first impression that for me this was like seeing Halsey in Reach. Osman is a character much like Halsey. We hate her, but admire her at the same time. She definatley has a complex involving the good doctor, but can you blame her? She was a failed expeirament, cast out and forgotten. Being raised by Parangosky probably didn’t help her opinion of Halsey much either. I think they nailed her look, her confidence, and the way she talks is brilliant. Now I distinctly rememeber my heart fluttering for Palmer during her “Meet God” speech in episode one, so I hope 343 doesn’t make me hate Osman. Oh, I don’t like her, and I disagree with a lot of what she thinks, but I believe we are suppose to, that her character is designed that way. She’s not a brainless egghead hater with some armour.


Lasky looks quite troubled when given the order to nix Halsey. Why? What connection does he have to her, other than her betraying the crap out of him on his own ship? Shouldn’t he be a little pissed at her?


I wondered it the blue sphere wasn’t an “aliens keep out” sign.


She must have had some idea of what would happen when she stepped into the blue light. I hope she did anyway, or these 24th century scientist are just way to impulsive.


While the cutscene was fantastic, the mission brought my overall rating down this week. For me they seemed like first half missions. After the amazing playthroughs we’ve had the last two weeks, this one fell a little short. I still enjoy the maps much more than the first half ones, but these missions seemed to be more go here, do this, go here do this. Realistically this is probably what a Spartan does if he is actually working on Requiem, but it lacks the glamour of repelling an invasion of your ship, or trying to get back to that ship after being captured.

Ch1: Unfinished Buisness

Map: Apex

Unfinished Business

Fireteam Crimson redeployed to finish clearing out remaining Covenant hostiles at Apex

This mission was fun to play solo, mostly because I gots all da snipers. With a team it was good as well, I used mobility and a ghost to quickly move from on area to another. However, it was a throw away mission, with no point to it other than to “clean up the bad guys”/ wait, didn’t we have a mission called Clean Up?

Ch.2: Majestic Rescue

Map: Cyclone

Majestic Rescue

Fireteam Majestic faces heavy fire from Covenant artillery and are requesting backup. Fireteam Crimson is being sent in to kick some ass.

THis on was a little more interesting in that we had a couple of hogs, and had to destroy the giant spinning balls of doom. There didn’t seem to be a lot of covenant on this one however. Also, another mission with no real point other than to begin to set up Ch. 4. can we have the set up be the cutscene, and base the missions off of that, rather than having to waste two chapters in the missions themselves?

Ch 3: Lancer

Map: Warrens


Fireteam Lancer has detected some covenant nests in Warrens. Spartans are inbound on their position

I liked this mission simply because it gave us a conclusion to the Switchback storyline, which was nice. Are we the only team that gets coloured armour? It must be because we are so awesome.

Ch 4:Crystal Ball

Map: Lockup

Crystal Ball

Fireteam Crimson dispatched to investigate how the Covenant have been anticipating UNSC movements.

Here we get the answer to the problem of the week, and have to destroy a pelican being used to monitor our communications. Generally I think this map is among my favourite because of it’s separate bowls, connected by a couple corridors.

Ch 5:Glassman

Map: Control


Dr. Glassman has requested the assistance of Spartans in decoding a map recovered from the Covenant. Fireteam Crimson are inbound to assist.

While this mission was fun, and showed us what Glassman learned during his time with ‘Mdama and freinds, but why did Thorne need to show us locations? was it just a cameo?

See you on Infinity,

Spartan Ops Episode 8 – Expendable

Spartan Ops Episode 8: Expendable is now live, get the details here.

Excuse me while I go change my pants. Osman? OSMAN??? YOU’VE GOT TO BE F***ING KIDDING ME!!

For Me, this is close to seeing Halsey in Reach. Not as longed after, but just as unexpected. A purely book based character crosses over in SpOps. Brilliant. The return of Majestic in all their douche bag glory, Halsey’s betrayal, rock and console smashing, and the death of Gek! So much to talk about, I’m very excited to get home, play through the missions and get to work on the full review!! Watch for it Wednesday or Thursday.

See you on Infinity,