Fighting Rampancy

Everyone should check out Fighting Rampancy, a blog by Cy, formerly of “The Halo Observatory”. In it he chronicles his journey to “bridge the gap between Nerd and Athlete”

I am enjoying this blog, because I have always had a fair streak of both in me. Growing up loving Star Trek and Football, playing Halo and riding mountain bikes, there has always been this disconnect in my interests  These defy the typical “Nerd” or “Jock” stereotypes, and it’s cool that others in the Halo, and larger “nerd” culture, have the same experience.

Lately I have been pushing more towards the physical, athlete side myself. This usually happens with the approach of summer, as I am an avid MTBer. I have also rediscovered how fantastic playing Skyrim on the PC can be. As a result, my Halo time has been quite limited, but I am getting the itch to go through the campaign again, and get those achievements. Plus, we are getting closer to the Castle map pack!

See you on Infinity,


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