About the Author

I am an almost 30 year old father of two. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada (Look it up, it’s the rectangle one…) with my wife of seven years. I drive truck for a living, hauling fuel to places all over the western part of my lovely country. When I’m not playing Halo, I’m probably playing Skyrim. When not doing either, I might be  Mountain Biking, playing guitar, watching Football (Go Riders/Packers!) or taking care of my kids. Ok, mostly taking care of my kids.

I got started playing Halo in October 2002, and played it through many times during the next two years. After that I had neither the time nor the money to continue my gaming habit (sadface), and all that took a back seat to real life. After a couple years, I picked up a used computer, and used that to play what games I could, mostly Age of Empires.

The Halo books first caught my eye while I was stranded in the States during a trucking layover, and I bought the three they had in the store, went back to my truck and began reading. That was when my love of the cannon started.

Shortly after, I found out that both Halo CE and Halo 2 were available on the PC, so I picked those up. I played through the Halo 2 campaign many times, and CE many, many times.  However, I was just finishing one game and picking up another, so I moved on from Halo, in game form at least. I always kept a watch for new Halo books.

After a couple years of using Steam on my Laptop, I decided to take the plunge and finally get an Xbox. I bought Halo 3 and started playing. I loved it. Finally I got to see the rest of the story! At the end of the campaign I immediately jumped up, ran to my computer and typed in the question that was on everyone’s mind. Luckily I saw that I had only to wait for the end of the credits, which were still rolling, to get my answer. Then, I was hooked.

I bought Reach, played it through and then found out that there was a Halo 4 coming out in about a year. Time to buckle down. I Bought ODST, CEA, Wars, and 2, and have finished all but Wars on legendary. (I played through Wars once, now it’s a collector’s item)

I am extremely excited and lucky to have reaquainted myself with the Halo universe, just in time to begin a whole new trilogy!!

Here’s to the next 10 years of Halo!




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