Forward Unto Dawn Part 1

First things first I just want to say how blown away I am by Forward Unto Dawn. When it was over, I wanted more. I really did feel invested in the characters, even with the short amount of time we had with them.  I knew that it was going to be a high quality production, but if it had been only slightly better than some of the other low budget science fiction out there I would have been happy. This was way above anything like that. The production quality was amazing, and the directing was fantastic. Congrats to Stewart Hendler on doing such a wonderful job.

I took some notes down on my second watch of this episode, so I’ll break down my commentary that way. Here goes…

  • If there was any doubt that this Movie ties in with Halo 4, it was dispelled in the opening scene. I think that makes it pretty clear that Lasky is finding the Chief  and what we are watching is him having a “flashback” to when he first met him. I didn’t see the “Play it again” coming at the start, I thought it would come near the end.
  • The shot of FUD drifting in space is especially awesome, you can see the debris trail

  • Commander Lasky looks like someone punched him in the gut when he hears 117, and he starts hyperventilating  Not the reaction I’d expect if you just found humanity’s dead hero, possibly alive. I wonder if there is more to this relationship, like maybe Lasky doesn’t particularly like the Chief? I hope not though. I want them to be pals.
  • The Transition from Commander Lasky to Corbulo Lasky is awesome. Great focus on the eyes. Then there is some puking. Darn cryo fluid stuff.
  • At first I wondered what had happened to his hands, but then I realized, and had it confirmed later, that it is “freezer burn” from being in the Cryo pod.
  • The effects in this first training scene have me salivating for the real stuff when the Chief crashes. The bullets zipping by, the dirt flying through the air, and those sounds. All just fantastic. Again the direction shows when Sullivan is hit, and the camera stops with him.
  • Lasky is going to have to pick a side, and that shows here. First he wants to stay and save Sullivan, then later he wants to save the Innys. He has to learn that you can’t have it both ways. Either the Insurrectionists go or your squad goes.
  • Vickers looks like he just wants to kill something.
  • Those are some kick ass safety glasses. I would say that they cheaped out, but the high quality on everything else says to me that it was a deliberate choice. They could have gone with clear half visor, but choose the glasses instead. Maybe it’s just an advanced pair of these.
  • Vickers tells Lasky that he isn’t in charge any more  What does that mean? Was he in charge of the squad, but lost it because of his pacifist, screw you attitude?
  • Lasky shouts “Axios!” as he runs out to die alone.
  • Ok, the Giant voice in the sky has me doubting my idea that the RvB on the Infinity is a Matrix-like world. This seems to show that it will be more like the Holodeck theory, though I don’t think what we see here is a Holodeck. That makes it hard to explain respawning, but I guess not everything has to be explained in cannon. The scene does slightly strengthen the thought that Jeff Stietzer will be an AI on the Infinity.
  • Look it’s the number 7, and the old UNSC logo.

    The Number 7 once again.

  • I’m not sure I’d name a military academy after a guy that killed himself on the command of a lunatic. But hey, whatever floats your boat. Obedience in the face of ridiculous orders I guess.
  • The marching call was a great touch, it’s from the book “Contact Harvest” by Joseph Staten.

Helljumper, Helljumper, where have you been?
Feet first into hell and back again!
When I die please bury me deep!
Place an MA5 down by my feet!
Don’t cry for me, don’t shed no tear!
Just pack my box with PT gear!
‘Cuz one early morning ’bout zero-five!
The ground will rumble, there’ll be lightning in the sky!
Don’t you worry, don’t come undone!
It’s just my ghost on a PT run!

-Contact Harvest

  • Haha, Gingerbread. It’s great to see that Sullivan isn’t scared of Vickers, seeing as he is the “Skinny Nerd” and Vickers is the “Killer Psychopath”
  • I wonder if if Chyler Silva is the daughter of or related to Antonio Silva, the commanding officer of the ODST’s on the original Halo. I also wonder if Michael Sullivan runs into Chief later on during the Battle of Mombasa. I like the inclusion of familiar people and place names.
  • Is General Black smoking a Sweet William? Is smoking encouraged amongst UNSC officers or what?
  • Lasky has Mommy issues.
  • In this news clip we see that the Innys are targeting places that are almost exclusively used by Civilians.
  • It’s a nice contrast between Junjie Chen’s relationship with his Father, and Lasky’s with his Mother. One is driven because of his Parent, maybe for good or bad, and the other couldn’t care less, and hardly knows his.
  • Lasky’s Brother was deployed on Jerhico VII.
  • The Insurrectionists did something that affected Lasky very badly. I have a pretty good idea what it was, but I won’t go into it. Spoilers and all that.
  • That is a cool touch, the inscription above their bunks.

Through Knowledge, Victory
Through Unity, Peace
Valor, Allegiance, Today.
Tomorrow. Forever. Together
We Rise. Together We Prevail.
Forward Unto Dawn.
From Earth, For Earth. Honor,
Valor, Allegiance, Excellence.
Today. Tomorrow, Forever
Together We Rise. Together We
Prevail. Forward Unto Dawn.
From Earth, For Earth. Honor,
Valor, Allegiance, Excellence.
From Earth, For Earth. Today.
Tomorrow. Forever. Together
We Rise. Together We Prevail.
Forward Unto Dawn.
From Earth, For Earth….

  • And this part ends with what can only be a covenant ship of some kind. Another week…



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