Forward Unto Dawn Part 2

This is amazing. I just have to get that out there. I am again blown away by the quality of production, from the acting, to the directing, to the costumes, props and effects. It is all way more than I could have imagined it would be. Like I said after the last episode, if it would have been Star Trek quality, I wouldn’t have been impressed, but I still would have loved it, because it’s CANON. You could give me a flaming bag of poo, call it Halo canon, and I would put it on my mantle. This movie (let’s call it what it is) though? Absolutely brilliant. When the last scene rolled, I was all “Nooo, you can’t end it there!!! I want more!!”, and that is a sure sign that the people who put this together did a fantastic job.

So on with the review, same style as last time, though I’ve added screenshots this time…

These opening shots of life on the FUD are fantastic, and reinforces the fact that this is tying into Halo 4. This time lapse looks really cool. I wonder if what we are seeing is the opening sequence of Halo 4? We hear Cortana going a little nuts here, and after she tells us how long she’s been there you hear her say “That doesn’t mean…” Doesn’t mean what? that she’s rampant?

“For four years, all I’ve done is think. What do you dream in there?” This reminds me a lot of the Legends episodes Origins 1 and Origins 2.

It’s never to early for General Black…

Chen isn’t a morning person I guess. I like that in this episode, both Vickers and Chen, the ones ragging on Lasky last time, are the screw ups. Nobody in this unit is perfect. Usually in these types of stories you have one guy who is better than the rest, and here that would be Vickers. But He has his problems to, and that makes him more normal to me.

When General Black gives Vickers some grief he can’t believe it. Again kudos to the actors. they do a wonderful job “face acting”.


The hand of the Chief (Just give us the Chief), or some other random Spartan.

Throughout this episode we have clues that all is not well on Circinius IV. In this scene we hear the AI in the background saying, “select communication systems will be down for system maintenance at 0400” I think this has something to do with he Covenant.

Are they trying to starve these Cadets? Those look like pretty meagre portions. Not going to build any muscle eating like that. Maybe it’s super nutritious future food.

Okay, if there is one thing I don’t like about all of this, it is April Orenski. The actress bothers me, because she is trying to do a hard ass drill sergeant, and it doesn’t come off quite right. Also, this is your standard school cafeteria give-me-your-lunch stuff.

When they walk away from Orenski, Vickers makes the comment, “It must be tough on your Mom, knowing her real son isn’t coming home…” This makes Lasky very angry. We’ll come back to this later.

I LOLed when I saw this cameo by Frankie, rank has it’s privileges I guess! He has a great “What was that about” look on his face.

Mehaffy seems to think that the fight proved Lasky still has some spirit.

Lasky’s brother tells a funny story about involuntary bowel movements…

…but Lasky isn’t laughing. This , along with Vicker’s comment earlier, and Silva’s from the first episode, confirm for me that his brother died in action. This might explain some of his dislike of war, and why he wants to try and save everyone. If he blames the UNSC for his brother’s death, it could also explain why he feels what he does about the Insurrectionists.

The idea of victory in the face of overwhelming odds is very appropriate in Halo. The Covenant outnumbered the UNSC by quite a bit, but humanity managed to pull out the win. ODST’s can drop behind enemy lines and neutralize a target, “Or die trying”, says Lasky. Another fairly obvious hint towards his brother’s death.

So Silva’s parents died in battle. So maybe this Silva is her brother then? Cousin? Lasky isn’t the only one to lose people in this war, and we can see why she takes it so seriously. Meanwhile, Lasky is thinking “I’m gonna do this for my bro!”

Another couple hints at trouble brewing; The AI says, “Please be advised, new mandatory curfew tonight at 2100”. I think this was put in effect because of the Covenant on Circinius. Immediately after, while the Warthog drives by with General Black inside, you can make out someone saying “threat level red”. That can’t be good.

Lasky looks like he is going to try his best today, and asks to take point. Vickers looks unimpressed.

While reading “Contact Harvest” this week, I came across the fact that Sgt. Johnson had a pair of these “Shooting Glasses” as a prototype from ONI. They are described much like they are shown here. Very cool of 343 to through that in there, a lot like the marching song. That book takes place very close in the timeline to what we are watching here. A couple years before I believe, though I could be wrong.

I’ll admit, when he said they were going to wait, I thought he was going to pull another stunt and try to negotiate or something.

I didn’t see the helmet trick coming though. Very good idea, and it shows how he can think outside the box, rather than just going in guns blazing like Vickers wanted to do.

Boy, he doesn’t look very good…

…NOOOO!!!! You can’t end it there!!!! Oh man. I suppose his team still won, since they mowed down the other squad, but I am anxious about what will happen to Lasky. Kind of sucks that he finally makes up his mind to try and do well, and then he just passes out.

In the credits we see a small shot of a Spartan!!

AND A FREEEEKING SWORD WIELDING ELITE!!! Take that Corbulo, you just don’t have any luck with swords do you!!



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