Forward Unto Dawn Part 3

I’ll be honest. The live action trailer kind of ruined me on this episode. I’m still gawking over it, so this FUD needed to pull out all the stops to beat what I saw earlier from the Halo Universe. It didn’t. That is definitely not to say that this was a bad or sub par episode, it just had the bar raised by the trailer. In regards to the episode itself even, the first bit on the FUD ship gave me such chills. I was….disturbed by it. So I had to start it over again. We’ll come back to this later, but nothing in the rest of the episode came close to giving me this kind of reaction. I was also hoping for a bit more Spartan and Covenant action, but we still have two more episodes to get that, so I’m not worried. I just hope they go all out in at least one of them.

Below I have transcribed the conversation Cortana has…with herself. It seems to me like there are three Cortanas; The one in Red is the angry Cortana, the one in Blue is the scared Cortana, and the white one is the real Cortana. Another example of this can be seen in the “A Hero Awakens” Vidoc, around the * minute mark. Cortana Flips out at the crew, then immediately apologizes and is scared. it seems like when she has something to focus on, she can manage herself, but when her mind is free to wander, she starts to lose it. An interesting side note that I’ve thought about, if you consider that one second of real time is equal to a minute for an AI, then four years for Cortana would be like 240 years. That’s a long time for anyone to be alone.

I hate you.


Stop it. I’ve made up my mind. If I’m going to die aboard this ship, then Chief will suffer the same fate as me.

Cortana Stop.

You’ve sacrificed everything for him!

Control Yourself.

I can’t.

This isn’t right. Something is—


Cortana stop! Control yourself!

Help me! Help me John! I scream…Chief!

Something slowed us down, something interesting.

I need to think

Thinking is what’s killing you.

It is interesting that Cortana decides to show herself as a generic blue ball. I wonder if this is due to her (MASSIVE) rampancy? Or maybe because doing so conserves power? It may also be because she doesn’t need to manifest a human form when not around Humans.

This was crazy. If you think about the fact that throughout the original trilogy, Cortana has been your lifeline. She has saved you many times, and as we saw in Scanned, acts as almost a mother, or guiding figure to John. Now she wants to kill him?!? Woah. I’m officially worried.

Ok so maybe Lasky’s problems aren’t simple Freezer burn. He is allergic to Cytoprethalyne (spelling?). It is a chemical that prevents ice from forming in a person’s cells during cryo. This allergy is present in only 1 in 50,000 people.

His brother seems shell shocked in this comm. He just lost what was probably one of his best friends and killed twelve people. It also sounds like he is trying to convince himself that they are doing the right thing.

How creepy is that? “Hey there, why are you sneaking into my room while I’m sleeping??” That’s crazy girlfriend material right there. Also, I’m glad they won because of Lasky’s strategy  it was a good one.

This look Vickers gives Lasky as he walks into the room makes it seem he is willing to grant some respect after their victory.

Who are the three random dudes in the room?

Spartan Fred-104, I have a hunch we’ll be seeing him some more later….

This has got to be the worst AR impression ever. Actually the best part about this whole table scene is Vickers. Watch him while Sully is gunnin. He’s all “WTF!?”

Again with the random dudes at the end of the table.

Wow. I’m surprised Lasky can even function is society with a Mother like that. They call Orenski a robot, they’ve never met this lady. Yikes. Also conformation that his brother is indeed dead. I think we knew that by now though.

We see that the dog tags are actually his brothers.

Dat der’s whatchya call n Elite.

I just think this is gorgeous.

Aww. Those tricky 343ers and there trailers, they did get one kiss before the horn of doom goes off.

I don’t think I’d be in a rush to get on that thing either if it was moving like that…

Bon Voyage creepy, unlikable character! The only purpose you ever had was to be a coward and DIE. (I disliked her from the start)

I feel bad for everyone else on there, but that’s what you get when you leave your squad, cadet!!

A slightly better shot of the Elite they teased last time.

It was so fast, I didn’t know what these things falling from the sky were until I was doing the screenshots. I guess it’s the people who went up in the lift. Creepy.

And they tease us with another shot of an elite, this time in (partially) full view. I hope we get more than just the shot they teased this time.



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