Forward Unto Dawn Part 4

Action is exciting, but it leaves a blogger with little to talk about! I enjoyed this week’s episode. We finally have the Chief, some complete shots of an Elite, and the hint of something bigger to come. Despite that, I finished watching and thought to myself “That was fun, but what am I going to talk about?” While there is lots to discuss, there wasn’t a lot of hidden or subtle stuff in this instalment  but that comes with the change from exposition to action. Do you want subtlety  or do you want to blow some stuff up? It’s hard to have both. I think I really appreciate now that they didn’t just make an explosiaganza, and gave us real characters and storylines to care about. Action is fun, but if it isn’t grounded with story, it becomes repetitive and boring.

To the Screenshots!! Because this episode was packed with cool visuals, but not a lot of story, I am going to give multiple screenshots, and then discuss them as a group.

The opening scene wasn’t as exciting as last week, but it would honestly be hard to top the crazy Cortana. There are however, a few interesting things to discuss. First of all, something jars the FUD hard enough to knock the ice off of the walls, and blow a coupler. Storm Covenant? Something from Requiem? Also, this is obviously getting close to  the descent into the sphere, and here we see the Infinity on the screen. I didn’t think the flagship would show up until after Cortana and John were inside.

Foreshadowing? Or just Reminiscing? From some other scenes in other places, I pretty sure we’ll be seeing a Halo in this game.

This action sequence does a good job getting across the frenetic chaos going on at the academy. Mehaffey dies, and aside from it being a gruesome display of what a needler can do, it was also sudden and unexpected, for me at least. I think for Lasky, it was like seeing another family member die. Certainly he was closer to Mehaffey than his Mother. We also see a dim shot of a Jackal. I definitely want to see a Grunt running for his life next time.

As soon as poor Chen said that he was going to take point, I knew he was done for.

Here we have some awesome views of a Zealot class Elite. I’ve included a render from the game so you can compare. Very cool.

It’s the Chief!! The cadets look like they are in shock. Vickers dies in this scene, and I was disappointed to my surprise. I was looking forward to him and Lasky mellowing out towards each other. I really didn’t expect him to die. Orensky seems to loose it here as well. While she may be all calm, cool and collected when nice and safe, when it hits the fan Lasky certainly seems more in charge.

When they were trying to open the lockers, I thought “Just wait, the Chief can just tear it open” I must be psychic!!

Sully has a couple good lines in this hallway scene. First off, he voices what many people mistakenly think, that the Spartans are “Robots”. Also when John asks who is the best shot Sulley quips “You, probably.”

The thing that struck me here was that there are no Covenant dead. While it may have to do with not having to CG them in, it also speaks to how completely they won this fight.

The Chief saves Sully! After seeing what happened to Mehaffey, and now what happened when Sully gets a needle in the leg, it’s cool that it doesn’t even phase the Chief.

“Ahh this AR is useless!! I need a precision weapon!”

These shots of John taking out the Jackals are pretty sweet. When he lands after the jump, it’s like a boulder hitting the ground.

Next Week…

Where is Lasky going? Is he flanking again?

HUNTER. Oh how I hope we see more than what is teased here. Also as mentioned above, if we don’t see at least one Grunt I will be upset.



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