Forward Unto Dawn Part 5

Mind=Blown. I was actually quite close to losing sleep waiting for this final episode. I woke up a couple of times last night, hoping it would be five am so that I could go watch, but it wasn’t and I had to try to get back to sleep again. I didn’t get to see a Grunt, but what I did get to see was so awesome I really don’t care. I was worried that we wouldn’t see any more of the Hunter than they teased last week, and when the recruits run away and leave the chief to fight it alone, I thought, “OK. well, I guess they are on a limited budget…” so it did surprise me that we got the fantastic sequence with it. Silva didn’t make it, but I’m glad Sully did, and Orenski to surprisingly. She seemed like less of a jerk once she had something to fight.

Right off the start we are shown Cortana, who seems to have gotten it together, at least for the time being. The bits of new information, plus having something to focus on, a new purpose seems to have helped her. We’ll see how long that lasts. It is pretty cool that when she decides to wake up John, the blue ball dissolves and we see her for the first time in the series. She looks great, and not just like that. The graphics are  spectacular, and there is still just a hint of transparency.

We join the recruits on the recruits on the run from the Covenant. Lasky complains that it’s harder to drive the Warthog than it looks, which might be a nod to how terrible the marines usually drive in Halo. I liked the plasma grenade tossed out on the road, though I was expecting to see the hog flip from it. I guess this isn’t Reach.

This is a pretty good shot of the two Jackals getting taken out by Chyler. You can see them quite clearly.

Silva’s been hit with a Needle round. I assume this happened while she was shooting, and she just didn’t notice until after because of adrenaline or something. My question is why didn’t it explode?

Chyler succumbs to her injuries, but manages to give Lasky her dog tags first. I thought she might die, but I really wasn’t sure. In the end it was necessary to give Lasky the final push.

Tom hands his last grenade to the Chief.

I liked this scene of Lasky seeing himself in the mirror again, because it brings us full circle. The last time he looked into the bunker mirror he had been selfish, and cost his squad something because he thought he knew better. Now most of his squad is dead, and he knows that saving whoever he can is more important than proving a point.

This is a cool shot showing how big the Chief is compared to the rest of them.

Last episode, I wondered if Lasky was flanking in this shot, turns out he kind of is, though this time it’s much more effective. Funny how he is making the same sacrifice here as Vickers did in the change room. Perhaps they weren’t that different after all.


I just thought this looked especially cool.

The effects on this charging Plasma cannon were really well done.

John arms the grenade he got from Lasky.

The first try doesn’t go so well. What must the Cadets have been thinking, after seeing John take down everything almost without thought, and this giant monster swats him like a fly…

The second try is much more succsesful, and AWESOME!!! Click on the above picture to watch a GIF I made of the encouter, minus the flying Lasky part.

One worm left. I thought that was neat, as some people might not know the Hunters are made up of giant worms.

John picks up a rock from where the Hunter got exploded.


A nice shot of the pelican taking off.

The Covenant are Glassing Circinius IV.

This whole sequence at the end was bang on. Both Fred and Kelly are almost robot like, or maybe just extremely disciplined.

I knew this was coming, because a leak had come out a couple of months ago were the Girl playing Kelly put a picture of them in their armour on Facebook. Still, it was awesome to see, and I think they both look great as the characters. One thing that caught me was their eyes. I knew Spartan III’s  eyes changed to blue because of the augmentation, but I guess the II’s do as well. I like the scars, and how pale they are. I thought that their age relative to the Cadet’s might be an issue, since they are all the same within a few years. Sure enough Sulley asks and Kelly says “It’s classified” but gives Orenski a nod to say, “Yeah, I’m the same age as you”. The look on Orenski’s face is fantastic.

Here they both look at John, thinking “Why doesn’t he take his Helmet off to?”

John hands Lasky the rock he picked up from where he killed the Hunter. I thought it was neat that Lasky gave John the grenade, and John gave him back the rock. I think it symbolizes the fact that Lasky gave up something, giving John his only remaining weapon, but Lasky also got something in return. Namely his life, but also  a new identity and purpose as a soldier fighting against the Covenant.

Back in “present day” we see that Lasky still has his brother’s and Chyler’s tags, as well as the rock John gave him. He obviously carries it wherever he goes and almost uses it as a worry stone. I thought it was a nice touch that thirty years of wear have smoothed it out so much. We also see that he still suffers from his allergy. I guess he knows what he is willing to sacrifice now.

I liked seeing all these ships heading out to rescue the Chief. The Slipspace effect was also really neat.

3 DAYS 12 HRS 2 MIN UNTIL THE GAME!!!! Wow those graphics look amazing. If you aren’t pumped for this thing, I don’t think there is any hope for you!!



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