Episode 1: Departure

If you have not finished the Halo 4 campaign, view and read at your own risk, *SPOILERS* are ahead.

Our first episode of the ground breaking video  game/ TV series hybrid “Spartan Ops” does what it needs to. It introduces the main characters, gives us a date (six months after “New Phoenix”, or the Didact’s attack on Earth.) and gives us our setting, Requiem.

I’m going to give this episode a 6/10. The main reason this didn’t blow my mind on the level I wanted it to was that they teased literally all the best parts in the trailer we got a couple months ago. Had I never seen that trailer, I would have been more impressed with the real thing. Also working against it was the almost life-like quality of the Prologue to the campaign. Compared to that this CG seems a little off. The colours don’t seem as sharp somehow. I can understand why they would go all out for the campaign and not for this though.

I did like what we got out of the characters however. Demarco and Madson bragging about their night in Rio, Thorn had people that died in New Phoenix  Grant actually cares that Thorn  lost someone, and Hoya likes to talk. Sarah Palmer will F you up, Captain Lasky is in control, and Roland thinks he is a WWI fighter pilot. Head to this page for a list of all the characters in Spartan Ops.

It seems Fireteam Majestic was recently stationed in Rio de Janeiro, except for Thorn, who says he missed it. Hoya mentions that it is full of Covenant asylum seekers, and I wonder if this means other races are seeking asylum on Earth? that would be really weird.

In this shot we see what looks like a news article about New Phoenix  The city is still under quarantine, and ONI public relations officer John Sullivan assures that it was not a Covenant attack.


In the next scene, Majestic arrives at the Infinity, and is greeted by Roland, the ship’s AI. I like how he is dressed like a fighter pilot. It showcases that AI’s are a little quirky when it comes to their avatars, and aren’t all pretty blue ladies.

Demarco spots a woman making her way towards the fireteam, and decides to turn on thecharm. I like this scene, even though it seemed like Palmer shouldn’t know he was trying to hit on her instantly. Of course maybe she has read his file, and knows he likes the ladies.

Giving her the eyes…

“Oh shit you’re my Commander!!” The change in his expression is great.

I like how once he realizes who she is, he drops the act instantly though and turns into a Spartan in command of his team.

Next we go to Captain Lasky looking over Covenant deployments around Requiem. When Commander Palmer enters the Bridge, he calls S-deck “Spartan town”. At first this seems like just a cute name, but when you think that there are 17,151 people aboard Infinity, S-deck could contain enough Spartans to actually be considered a town. We also get a look at how Palmer is about half a foot taller than Lasky. From a production point of view, it seems like Lasky is more detailed than Palmer, but it could be just the way his face is built.

Palmer wants to spend another few days running the Spartans through War Games, but apparently the Navy thinks they are ready, and it’s time to head back to Requiem.

Next we have some of the scenes that were teased in the trailer. We see Majestic getting Suited up, and here Palmer’s awesome speech again.

Infinity arrives with a bang. “The word is given”, I liked that line. One thing I liked that they didn’t tease was the way the ship drop out of Infinity. Like instead of having missiles  Infinity launches spaceships, it’s that freaking big. The space battle is quick and frantic, but looks good, and the episode ends with Fireteam Majestic heading into Requiem via the gravity well.

Overall a well done episode, and I look forward to next week’s installment. There are some interesting hints as to a sub plot in the Halo 4 Limited Edition goodies, but I will go into that in another post.

See you on Infinity,


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