Ch 2: Sniper Alley


EP:1 CH:2 Covenant operations are reliant on several power stations around Requiem.


Sniper Alley

In this Mission, we have to shut down two sheild barriers on our way to destroying a power station. While the name of the mission is Sniper Alley, there are not as many Snipers or Sniper rifles as one would think. They are included, but the rifles can be missed, and lots of other enemies will come at you besides Snipers. We are again Guided by Spartan Millar.


I’ve posted my Solo Legendary guide for Sniper Alley in three separate videos this time. I hope the new format will be better for you guys to watch. The first video is a walk through of the map, after I completed the mission on Legendary. I point out some good spots to shoot from, some key enemies to watch out for, and where you can find the Sniper Rifles.

The next two videos feature the actual run through of the mission. I’ve sped it up to 1.3x so I could fit it in two clips.

I have learned quite a bit from playing these five missions solo. The main two things are the importance of Hologram when doing these runs cannot be overstated. Also, the Plasma pistol is your friend  as in all Halo games, and works on Knights as well as Elites. The Needler is useful as well.

See you on Infinity,








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