Ch 2: For Science


EP:2 CH:2 An Infinity Science team issued a distress call, then went silent. There has been no contact since.



This mission is what I may begin to refer to as a “Campaign Style” Mission, as opposed to a “Firefight Style” one. This means that you follow a linear path, rather than fighting wave after wave of Covenant while staying in the same location. The Campaign style allows for more map control, and gives you a lot more breathing room, and time to survey the situation.

Use of the Needler, Rockets, Sniper and Beam rifles, as well as the DMR are all key to this mission. While the power weapons are limited, disciplined use of them will make the ammo supplied last until you no longer need it. Needler ammo is plentiful. Hologram is highly recommended in this Mission, though Active Camo may also provide some advantage.

See you on Infinity,


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