Episode 3: Cathrine


This week on Halo 4: Spartan Ops — Some call Dr. Catherine Halsey a war criminal, others believe her creation of the Spartans saved humanity from extinction. Whatever you believe, right now she is the UNSC Infinity’s only hope to understand the mysterious artifact retrieved from Requiem, and she needs your boots on the ground to get more intel, Spartan.


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Now this was an episode. This is what I really wanted from Spartan Ops, a chance to see some of what happened to Halsey. There are more storylines I would wish for them to cover, but understanding they are only five minute episodes, I’ll be perfectly pleased with Halsey, Lasky, and Palmer.

I enjoyed seeing the Covenant side of things, especially Jul M’dama. Since they introduced him in the terminals and books, but he wasn’t featured in the main campaign, I’m glad they are utilizing his character here. Also I like the inclusion of Gek, like a right hand man for Jul.

And Glassman is alive! Huh. Will he really betray Infinity, or is it just a ruse on his part? I am inclined to think that he really is a whiny betrayer like that, but it would be interesting if he was duping the Covies all along and got to cause some havoc from within their ranks.

Lasky, Palmer, Demarco and Madson await Halsey’s arrival. The familiarity between Palmer and Lasky is shown here again, with Lasky using her first name. I believe this is probably due to being near the same rank on the same ship for around 4 years, more than anything else. Lasky doesn’t seem like the sort to insist on being called by rank and neither does Palmer.

We see the line drawn here, with Lasky as a Halsey sympathizer, and Palmer as a Halsey hater. Which is kind of odd, since Admiral Parangosky hand picked Lasky for the job, you’d think he would share a little of her bias. Palmer on the other hand, wouldn’t be where she was without the actions of Dr. Halsey.

The way Halsey conducts herself during this whole episode, and throughout life in general, has a strong sense of “I’m in control. Do what you want, but in the end I’m the one really in charge around here”. Her no nonsense attitude might have rubbed off on John, or they may just be similair in personality to begin with.

As stated above, though she is a prisoner, she basically tells them to take the cuffs off.

Demarco quips that “Captain Lasky asked for the best!” and Dr. Halsey replies “And yet…” I took two things away from this, either of which might have been her meaning. “He asked for the best, and yet…John isn’t here. He is the best” This was the first interpretation that came to my mind. The second was that  it was simply a subtle jab at Demarco and Madson. “He asked for the best, and yet..he got you.”

Um guys, you aren’t exactly whispering, and you are in an elevator. How did you think she wouldn’t hear you?

“First we taught them to be silent, then we taught them how to be Spartans” Awesome line from Halsey. It showcases how realy inferior the IV’s are compared to a II. As stated in previous reviews, The 4’s lack the discipline that the 2’s are ingrained with. Her comment is another subtle jab, as since the 4’s have not been taught to be silent, they obviously haven’t been taught to be Spartans.

A nice shot of the Engine room.

I didn’t really like how quick the Spartans where to point their guns at Halsey. Criminal or not, she is most likely not working with either the artifact or the Covenant. Nor would she be likely to blow up the ship for no apparent reason. Just seems a little jumpy. Maybe it’s that discipline thing again.

Something is studying the Infinity. Does that mean the Covenant are, or is it still something else?

Ah Gek, you are one ugly, Marine killing bastard. OH and it’s like on the GAME OF THRONES WHEN THAT GUY IS THE HAND OF THE KING. Then dies a horrible, painfully sad and undeserved death. Oops, spoilers. Oh come on, it’s been almost two years, you should have watched/read it by now.

Is it just me, or does that helmet look massive for Jul’s body size? And the Artifact gives gifts? Sweet! Santa in a box!!

Ahh, Henry Glassman, presumed traitor. Helping the Covies never turns out well, just ask Ensign Ellen Dowski. He looks like he is going to crap his pants.



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