Ch 5: Spartan Thorne


EP:5 CH:5 Spartan Gabriel Thorne has been transported to Requiem, without weapons or comms. His current status is unknown.



We search for, but do not find, Spartan Thorne. Mostly the usual run on this map, one end to the other, and back again.

This map was definitly not made for being on foot. I highly reccomened using mobility, as it shortens the runs between targets quite a bit. When the Hunters and Wraiths drop at the end, plenty of Spartan Lasers drop, so have some fun taking them down in a couple shots. In this playthrough, I spawn on the Gun of our wraith, and decide to tag along. Judging by the actions of the driver at the end, I may have been an unwanted passenger 😉

When the RvB Easter Egg is activated in this mission, Sarge drops you Gravity Hammers instead of Spartan Lasers, Shown on this video. Not sure that’s really a good idea, but hey, it’s all in fun.



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