Commander Thomas Lasky

Commander Thomas Lasky

Homeworld: Mars
DOB: August 15th, 2512
Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: 169 lbs

From The Halo 4 Interactive guide

A product of the esteemed Corbulo Academy of Military Science (CAMS) prior to the Covenant’s razing of Circinius-IV, Thomas Lasky hadn’t always subscribed to the notion of lifelong commitment to the UNSC as the rest of his family had. This all changed during the Covenant’s siege of the Outer Colonies in 2526, eventually launching Lasky into an impassioned career with the Navy, first as a fighter pilot, then as a naval officer. Now Lasky serves aboard the esteemed UNSC Infinity as the ship’s Executive Officer (XO), second only in command to Captain Andrew Del Rio.


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