What Is Spartan Ops?

Spartan Ops is the newest gameplay mode in the Halo franchise for Xbox 360. The spiritual successor to Halo’s Firefight mode, it is a co-operative gaming expierence. You, along with three other Spartans (or solo if you’re a lone wolf) complete a series of mission that have an impact on the fiction of the Halo Universe.

Spartan Ops has been described by Frank O’Connor, Franchise Development Director for the Halo Franchise at 343 Industries, as “a TV show you play”. The first season has been confirmed and will come with the purchase of Halo 4, and upcoming seasons are planned, but hinge on the success of the first.

“Spartan Ops, at the very highest level, the ten thousand foot level, it’s a TV show you play.”

Frank O’Connor

One Chapter will be released each week, containing one CG cut scene and five playable episodes (or missions). Season one is 10 weeks in length, and the total playing time is longer than some games in the Halo franchise.Taking place six months after the events of Halo 4, the plot will revolve around the Infinity, those on board, and the Spartan 4 super soldiers.

Spartan Ops Season One Trailer


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